5 Great ways to look after your body

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  1. Get a regular Amatsu Balance


Regular can be once a month, or two times a year and everything in-between, depending on what you feel you need.


  1. Make improvements in your posture


Raise your sternum to get your shoulders back, don’t let your head droop forward, NEVER keep anything in your back pocket when seated, make sure your bum is as far back in your seat as possible and if you’re using a computer/monitor for extended periods, make sure it is at the right height


  1. Be mindful of your footwear and your feet


Think of how long you’ll be standing and what kind of surface you’ll be standing on. Your toes should be able to move in your footwear. You can still wear heels or pointy shoes but try to limit the time you wear them and make it up to your feet afterwards by walking around with no shoes one, or maybe get a foot rub? Your Amatsu therapist will always spend time working on your feet because they really are important.


  1. Incorporate movement as much as possible


Our bodies are designed to move, we need movement for our venous and lymphatic systems to work. Our joints need movement to keep them lubricated. Be mindful of how much time you spend sitting, maybe you work all day at a desk, maybe you drive for a living, maybe you spend long hours in a car/on a bus coming and going to work. Incorporate movement where you can, keep your body loose and limber as much as possible


  1. Learn to listen to your body

Your body is constantly talking to you but we rarely listen. The stiffness you feel in work, the throbbing pain you feel when you get out out of the car, the hot sensation in your wrist when you’ve been typing too much, these are all warnings, your body is telling you that you’re going to damage it, but we often ignore these. We wait until our bodies can take no more and then we go to a doctor/physio/Amatsu therapist and we expect a miraculous one day recovery from something that’s been brewing for days/weeks/months or longer. Remember, If it hurts, stop it. If its strained/sprained/injured rest it.


If you want to learn more about the above and start to look after your body then get in touch, start off by getting an Amatsu Balance and talk to your practitioner about looking after your body.

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