What is Amatsu Orthopathic Therapy?

Amatsu Orthopathic Therapy is a highly effective therapy for your whole body. It's a synergy of  Dr Steven Levin’s work on Biotensegrity and the traditional Japanese therapy of Amatsu, which has been used for over two thousand years.  It is based on ancient principles of natural movement and underpinned by Dr Levin’s work on spine mechanics and can be used to help most musculo-skeletal and lifestyle related conditions, as well as supporting the restoration of general health and well being.

Dennis Bartram was taught the traditional Japanese Therapy from Dr Hatsumi and using his own knowlege and research he developed the therapy known today as Amatsu.

Amatsu Orthopathic Therapy is the next generation of this treatment and uses gentle soft tissue pressure and mobilisation techniques to treat your whole body, not just the symptoms. Unlike many other therapies, Amatsu Orthopathic Therapy is a whole body treatment that works with the body’s soft tissue, visceral system and cranial system to help to re-balance your body and reduce stress on your nervous system.


“You must learn to float in your walk”- Dr.Masaaki Hatsumi


"A change of tension anywhere within the system is instantly signaled to everywhere else in the body and there is a total body response by mechanical transduction"- Dr Steven M Levin


Watch Dennis Bartram explain the four levels of Amatsu Orthopathic Therapy



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