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August 15, 2017 Patrick No comments exist

Summer is coming to an end and as children get ready to return to school, some older kids start to think about things like traffic, school runs, darker evenings, and a more structured day.

Often we procrastinate until the kids are back in school/Summer ends and we are “back in our old routine”. This may have some advantages, but if our old habits are STILL causing us problems, then your carefree Summer may be swiftly followed by a “Winter of discontent”

So whats the answer?

Simply put, changing your routines/habits.

Lets make the term “back to school” also mean returning to better posture, better movement,being better at listening to your body and maintaining it better.

What’s the best way to start this new habit?

Book yourself in for some Amatsu Orthopathic Therapy at Harmony Amatsu Clinic, it doesn’t matter if we haven’t seen you in a while, we’re always happy when you come back, so get in touch today…

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