Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does an Amatsu Orthopathic treatment cost?

An AOT treatment costs € 50 per session. Realistically you should expect to need 4 sessions depending on your injury/condition and how long you’ve had it, it may take more or it may take less.


Can I claim on my Health Insurance for Amatsu Orthopathic Therapy?

Treatments at Harmony Amatsu Clinic are recognised by the major Health Insurers- VHI, Laya and Aviva and some others


Can I do anything to minimise the number of treatments needed?

Yes. Follow the instructions of your therapist, make the improvements suggested to your posture and movement and you will help your recovery significantly.


How often can I get an Amatsu Orthopathic treatment?

For and injury or a condition, we advise once a week. Although it may not feel like it, the balance works your body and your body needs time to adjust to the changes if it is to maintain them. For a maintenance treatment, we recommend every 4 weeks max.


How will I feel after an Amatsu Orthopathic treatment?

After a balance you may feel a variety of sensations. Its common to feel a little light headed right away, so please let your therapist know if this happens. Some people feel an immediate release and as light as a feather, this is more prevalent with those on a maintenance program but it can happen after one treatment. Also, as there is a lot of work being done on your body, it is common to feel slightly worse the following day, this usually passes quickly but if you’re concerned, please call us.


Is Amatsu Orthopathic Therapy an alternative to my Doctor’s care?

Absolutely not. We advise that all clients speak to their doctor before commencing treatment with us. If you doctor has any queries, we’re happy to talk to them.


What should I wear for my Amatsu Orthopathic treatment?

You can wear your normal clothes. You are fully clothed for an Amatsu balance but please avoid tight/restrictive clothing and wear/bring socks. As the treatment will take place in a clean and hygienic environment, please arrive in a clean and hygienic state.


What qualifies you to do Amatsu Orthopathic treatments?

All our therapists have at least four years study from the DaghdaSynergy Amatsu Academy where students learn Amatsu Orthopathic Theory, Anatomy and Physiology and practical Amatsu Orthopathic treatment techniques. Each year there is a practical exam and two written exams. Students must pass all three to proceed.

All our therapists are members of the Amatsu Therapy Association(ATA) and are fully insured to provide Amatsu Orthopathic Treatments. Your therapist will be glad to show you their credentials and insurance documentation.