Why Harmony Amatsu?

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I’ve often been asked why I chose to call my clinic the Harmony Amatsu Clinic. Firstly the practice of Amatsu Therapy aims to restore natural balance to the body, to release the tensions and restrictions that prevent the body from regaining its own equilibrium. Each part doing its bit to give the functionality of the whole. I played about with names like “Balance Amatsu” and “Equilibrium Amatsu” and many variations of those words.

I’ve always been interested in physics and how the natural world works, in school I learned about frequency and vibrations and wave theory, I thought of music and harmonics and how the right notes played together at the right time sound so beautiful and the word Harmony just came into my mind.

With my new idea I rushed to Google to find out what the Japanese for Harmony was and I found this page Only in Japan. This gives the translation of Harmony as WA.( pronounced W-aaahhh)

The Kanji Character for WA is     wa black and white   you’ll see this on my website and other documentation.


In the article it describes WA as “Group Harmony” but more specifically, “in the view of most Japanese people”, WA is “a feeling close to perfection: a group situation in which everything goes smoothly, without contestation or ill will, everyone knows their place and acts accordingly”


The article goes on to compare Eastern and Western ideals of Harmony but I felt the description above was a perfect description of what we do in Amatsu, we want to restore the Body’s natural Harmony where every member does its part for the benefit of the whole.


To learn more about Amatsu and how it can help you, email info@harmonyamatsu.ie or

call / text 086 152 7646 NOW and start feeling better.


Patrick Moloney

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