New Year, new me

January 5, 2017 Patrick No comments exist

January is the time of year that gyms are packed. From those returning after the Christmas break to those who are in a gym for the first time. Some have seen it all before and know that many will fall away. In the coming months, fewer and fewer of those determined faces will remain.
There are many reasons why this happens, just one of which is injury.
Some dive headlong into training, ignoring what they’ve been told, they are eager to get maximum results as fast as possible. Wiser heads know this isn’t a good idea. Even some of the wiser heads can get caught out too though, perhaps December was a busy month and your training wasn’t as regular as before, you may have even taken the month off. Can you expect to return in January with the same fitness and vigour as before?
The last thing anyone wants is an injury early in the year, you could be looking at 6 weeks off training. So how can this be avoided?

Here are our top tips to being injury free this year

1. Get an Amatsu balance- It gets all the muscles in your body doing their own job. That means better performance and less chance of injury

2. Warm up- a proper warm up is essential to get your body ready for your workout. Get opposite limbs working together(right arm, left leg) to improve co-ordination.

3. Stay hydrated- muscles need to be hydrated, but sip don’t gulp

4. Warm down and stretch- Stretching after your workout is important, especially the legs. Never force a stretch, take your time with them and always leave enough time to do them.

5. Get a maintenance program- You’ll get out of your body what you put in. You can’t expect the performance of an F1 car with the maintenance of a bicycle. Get regular Amatsu treatments to keep you in shape, stretch and hydrate.

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